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A firm with human dimensions!

Since the late 1980s, Création Confort has been pursuing its mission, to facilitate the lives of people with reduced autonomy as well as their caregivers by developing, manufacturing and marketing clothing that is designed specifically to meet their needs.

With a solid background in the hospital environment, the entire staff at Création Confort sincerely believes that wearing quality, practical and fashionable clothing provides significant moral and physical comfort for these individuals, who are often forgotten.

Focusing on the human aspect, the use of fashionable fabrics and colours, creation, innovation and production quality that is ensured and controlled on site, the team has managed to take the lead in the adapted clothing market in less than 15 years.

Why do people need adapted clothing?

No one will feel comfortable or at ease wearing clothing that reveals too much or makes it difficult to perform the smallest tasks. And this is all the more true for people with physical limitations.

For this reason, Création Confort decided to provide an alternative to the traditional gowns and home-made clothing by designing clothes that satisfy the following criteria:

  1. dressing ease for individuals with reduced autonomy;
  2. handling ease for the attendant;
  3. comfort for a person who is seated in a wheelchair or bedridden;
  4. clothing that looks normal.