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Personalized Service

Take advantage of our unique service: it is free and with no obligation to you what so ever. By appointment, our adaptive clothing advisors will meet with you at your convenience at your place of residence (group home) in your living environment.

The beneficiary is addressed and taken care of on an individual basis, with a family member or with a nursing staff member present. This way, everyone gets a personalized service which enables the beneficiary to get the clothes he really needs. Our trained professional adaptive clothing advisors will take into account the specific need of the beneficiary whether they are elderly, alzheimer’s, dementia or handicapped.

We have decided to invest in this service in order to respond quickly and productively thus saving the families and the nursing staffs this additional burden. 


Montreal Island

Manuela Manilescu: 514-241-9776  


Quebec City, Beauce, Chaudière Appalache and Portneuf, North Shore of Montreal

Frank De Petrillo: 514-777-4052 or 1-877-521-5566


South Shore Region of Montreal

Danièle Laurin : 514-728-6889