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A firm with human dimensions!

Since the late 1980s, Création Confort Adaptive Clothing has been pursuing its mission, to facilitate the lives of elderly care, special needs and people with disabilities such as Alzheimers, arthritis, as well as their caregivers. Creation Confort Adaptive Clothing is developing, manufacturing and marketing comfortable clothing for the disabled/handicapped that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person.

We propose a full range of high-quality, affordable adaptive clothing for the caregiver, and the disabled or handicapped loved one. Speciality clothing for the disabled and handicapped simplifies self-dressing and aided dressing by using unequaled features, such as discreet Velcro brand or snap closures. From elegant open back dresses to comfortable Velcro shoes and cozy open back nightgowns, our fashion solutions prove special needs clothing can be functional and fashionable.

With a solid background in the hospital environment, the entire staff at Création Confort Adaptive Clothing sincerely believes that wearing quality, practical and fashionable adapted clothing provides significant moral and physical comfort for these individuals, who are often forgotten.

What are adaptive clothing :

Our adaptive clothing line is entended to facilitate the lives of elderly care, special needs and people with disabilities like Alzheimer's, arthritis, the disabled and handicapped. When dressing becomes difficult and assistance is required, adaptive clothing may be the solution.

Alzheimers :

This adaptive clothing line is also intended for people suffering from Alzheimers, other type of degenarative form of illness or for an incontinent or wheelchair-dependent person who need quality seatless pants offering discretion.

Hospital nightgown :

Often compared to hospital gowns, our adaptive clothing collection offers the same ease in dressing with more comfort, style and dignity!